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- Donations

Project Sao provides a link between many local NGOs in the Central African countries. People who fall outside the criteria for assistance of governmental services or non -governmental organizations (NGOs) can find help, support and information through our referral systems. Organizations that for different reasons cannot help individuals can alternatively refer them to Project Sao.

We try to find the most suitable solution for the problems of our potential clients. We then refer them to hospitals or other organizations, and financially provide a portion or all of the assistance needed.

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- Support Us

Due to the fact that the funds all of the necessary overhead and administrative costs, we are able to put all donations and money raised directly towards helping our clients. Even small donations can make a huge difference in the life of individuals and their family.

- Summary of Costs

While it is our policy that we do not allow for sponsorships or partnerships with specific projects, below is a general summary of our costs.

For instance: You give We can give...

$5 - One week's supply of essential vitamins and minerals for nursing mothers, malnourished children, or recovering sick

$7 - Transportation of materials to remote villages for housing projects

$8 - One week's supply of milk for a baby whose mother cannot breastfeed
$10 - Materials such as mosquito nets, mats, and dishes to make six month hospital stay for comfortable for TB sufferers

$15 - Medication to treat bronchitis, gastroenteritis, or gastric ulcers

$20 - One student’s school supplies for one year

$25 - A pair of prescription glasses

$30 - Food, vitamins, and milk to support a nursing mother and her family for one week

$40 - One pig, which after six months will be worth $100, or one chair for a haircutting business

$50 - One treadle sewing machine and supplies

$70 - Materials to start a business, e.g., fishing boat or equipment for fruit shake stall

$100 - Maternal health care supplies for 1 year, or concrete rings to build a well, providing a constant supply of clean water

$150 - A tin roof for one home
$170 - One wheelchair
$300 - One course of radiation therapy for cancer
$500 - Life-saving emergency surgery and aftercare for removal of ruptured appendix after misdiagnosis

$600 - One teacher’s annual salary

$800 - One advanced student’s annual scholarship

$700 - Materials to build a strong wooden house with tin roof and cement pillars

$5000 -
Support for existing school for 1 year

$50,000 - One school building and support for up to 5 year

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